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Religion Testimonials

“When I worked as a Cash Cage Cashier… I wished I had someone like a religious advisor to help me through my career. Had there been an uplifting presence, a person who knows there is a higher power, I am sure that I would have went to that person time and again to get answers about why I (was) working there. A lot of my stresses about life would have most likely subsided and I probably would have been a more productive employee.”

“There are many ways that a company can measure the success of implementing the religious advisor model, such as sick days and improved productivity, but the one I feel is most beneficial to the company is innovation. Having employees who are comfortable with their life outside of work and are supportive of the company, can be more innovative… The advisor (also) offers companies a way to improve the employee satisfaction score with a lower cost than say offering additional time off or a better benefits package.”

Leadership Testimonials

“I pray for more people of God to bring His word into business leadership. I am proud of our dear brother, Pastor Jonathan L. Dade, whom I know trusts Him with all his heart. I thank you Father for the desire You placed in Jonathan… to bring the truth of the intimate relationship of knowing You, into the hearts of business owners and leaders… based on the unshakable principles of Your Word.”

Business Testimonials

“As the Director in charge of assigning officials, collecting participant dues, distributing payroll and managing ticket sales, when our league grew to over sixteen teams across two locations, I knew I needed professional business consultation. How was I going to make sure everyone in my league was fairly compensated, while keeping our operation profitable? And within one hour of analysis, RLB was able to solve my problem by helping me set an honest profit margin, which stabilized our earnings potential and  positioned us for growth. We even discussed a staffing model I could adopt, which would enable us for expansion and still keep our league affordable, to the teams we help prepare for upcoming seasons.”

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