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“Wool Shall Be Wool” – JLD.

The concept of segregation is a very sensitive topic, from which misunderstandings can cause serious injustices. This however, should not detract from the fact that an Oxen for example, will plow a field best when paired with another Ox and Men likewise, reach their full potential when they are with those who are likeminded. Sometimes we try so hard to erase the lines between men and women, or on a farm, oxen and donkeys; we forget to let things be as God designed them. The power of letting things operate as they are intended, can be researched in Deuteronomy 22:5 and 9-11, where we are encouraged to keep like things together. But does this segregate wool from linen, oxen from donkeys, cornfields from vineyards and men from womanly things? Yes, sometimes it does and there is a lot of value in the concept of living out your life, as it was intended. So let wool be wool and women be women… thus said His Word.

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“Love For Family” – JLD.

The love between parent and child or spouse and mate, is often the strongest areas of love we find in our societies. This love goes beyond circumstance or situation, as there are few things a mother would not do for their child, or a husband for his wife. But can the love between family members ever grow to unhealthiness? Albeit hard to imagine, the answer is yes. As seen in Mathew 10:37 our God is a jealous God, and He wants us to love him above all else. But why does it matter that he gets the best of our love? Well, true and pure love can only come from Godly relationships, so skipping this reality, opens the door to sin in pursuit of false love. And false love or sin, places the love giver and the love receiver, at risk. So if you have a family member and you truly want to love them with all your heart, make sure to first love God.  This is healthy, family love.

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