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Taking Full Responsibility For Everything – JLD

Compliments of living in a broken world, filled with people who do not always have the best intentions, “stuff” happens. Victims of these atrocities rarely deserve to have been treated badly, but a slight change in perspective might help them re-claim power over their lives. Yes we can view things as accidents and ourselves the unfortunate recipients of adversity, but we can also take responsibility as if it were our fault, and ponder how can we prevent this from occurring again. Vehicle drivers who mentally take full responsibility for every accident, navigate the roads more defensively, and can avoid even non at fault collisions. Similarly, if you think hard enough and put the power to change the outcomes on yourself, you might surprise yourself with how smart and strategic you are; give it a try. You can do it.

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Admitting Powerlessness and Getting Help – JLD

Whether the result of a an accident, mistake, or traumatic experience, pains from our past can persist into the present. It is not enjoyable dealing with mental struggles, nor is it easy to admit we alone our powerless against our demons. Plus it may take time, a lot of time, years even to work through it all, so what is the point? Despite being depressed and feeling hopeless, we, you, everyone, matters as a person. You are loved, and have the power to overcome. It took 8 years to confess my anxiety and depression; I am so thankful to those who pulled it out of me, and connected me with the resources I needed. I wrote about the importance of asking people about their struggles (The Church and The Community, Page 208), and supporting people like Candise (disabled navy veteran). Please, take this first step, today.

Dealing With Criticism and Haters – JLD

Compliments of the copious amounts of resources scattered about the internet, anyone can become well read (or video watched), on any topic. And this is good, until the person proclaims themselves a subject matter expert and makes it their personal duty to provide unsolicited feedback. Maybe you have met this person… the well meaning guy or gal who’s constant feedback quickly becomes criticism. It will not end until everything is their way. There is also those who are curmudgeon, a hater, or someone who does not recognize different people do things differently. I wrote about my will being broken by a critic (TCATC, Page 26), and I learned a big lesson in the process. Critics and Haters can not do it better, so thank them for their feedback, then get back to doing what YOU do best, the way YOU do it.