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Complaining Against Employers and Bosses – JLD

I do not know why people do it; murmur or complain about their employer. Most jobs are voluntary, meaning you can turn in your resignation at any moment. Just go online, find the perfect company, and make the transition. Oh, that’s right; we feel it is our duty to solve the problem(s) before leaving. Well gossiping with fellow employees is hardly solving any problem, rather making them. And you know that worker who always praises the company? They are not doing that to look good. It is called strategy to be agreeable with the organization that pays you, which in turn motivates them to move you up the ranks. Finally, it rarely ends well for the constantly complaining employee, so stop it. The Church and The Community, Page 130 tells a detailed account of how it ends for the complainer, the employer, and all those involved. Dare to read it?

Talk To Young Adults About Sex – JLD

Adulthood legally begins as early as 15, but can be recognized as late as 21 years of age. In most of the world though, 18 is the average age wherein someone is legally considered an adult. Often, mentors and parents are comfortable talking with young adults about driving vehicles, purchasing alcohol, using weapons and voting, but few are willing to talk to young adults about sex. If a boy or girl is old enough to copulate, they are more than old enough to talk about it! Despite the awkwardness or difficulties, in order to ensure our future generations are making wise choices, we needto prepare them for the implications and realities of being sexually active. In The Church and The Community, Page 113, I said not to believe singles or young adults, when they assert they are abstinent. Many of us were similarly dishonest, with ourselves, and learned life the hard way. It’s time to talk about sex.

Where No Man Has Gone Before – JLD

Elder John Leland traveled over a hundred thousand miles to support politicians who championed religious freedom, and this was decades before the first automobile was manufactured. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr led peaceful marches in southern towns where Negro (African) Americans were being treated unjustly, and after being the youngest man ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. King donated the $50,000 prize money. And finally, Reverend Billy Graham preached the gospel message for over forty years, bringing thousands to believe in God’s Son. Very different missions and times, but one thing all these men had in common was being faith leaders who changed the world. In The Church and The Community, Page 217, I highlighted how most people avoid discussing race, religion, politics, or “contentious” topics. Faith leaders though, boldly go where most do not, or cannot. Encourage them.

The Widespread Prevalence of Dishonesty – JLD

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, a man’s word was his bond. That means if you said “I will be back tomorrow”, come hell or high water, you would make good on that promise. Now and days though, there is a myriad of things that might cause our words to not reflect our actions, or more importantly, the truth. Maybe comfort (or maturity) does not encourage someone to admit their intentions are contrary to their spoken words. There could also be the issue of personal gain, where few people perceive a benefit from admitting a painful (but true) narrative. It is all the same; people lie, and they do it all the time. Humans are hardwired to do what is easy or convenient, not difficult or honest, so it is prudent to fact check periodically. In the The Church and The Community, Page 148, I shared a story of lying even after the truth is presented… how will you decrease dishonest in our society?

Implications of Restoring How It Used To Be – JLD

I wish things would go back to the way they used to be… really? You want to give up running water and modern medicine? It’s time to make America great again… when were we ever great? During the period women when had no vote, or are you referring to the time blacks were enslaved? The problem with nostalgia is a failure to recognize the mistakes of the past, and realize the advances of the present make today our best moment. Yes, there is something in yesterday we might want; it comes with baggage we cannot afford. The best way to thrive in the present, and future, is to burn our ships Viking style, and discard our past, because “if going back is an option, you will retreat when the going gets tough”. This is a direct quote from The Church and The Community, Page 64, where I talked about how to succeed in the present, and beyond. Will you, or will you die in the past?