The truth is, every time you leave the privacy of your home or apartment, you enter into a public spotlight that shines brightly, and takes meticulous notes, on everything you do and say. While out at the grocery store, do you want to become known as the business leader who did not take the time to put on a matching shirt and pants? Or even in a casual setting, such as a trip to the park, is it okay to have you hair unkempt and wardrobe a mess? In The Church and The Community, Page 88, I shared the true story of how meeting the friend of an editor who previously would not share my side of a contentious subject, changed my life. Thankfully I dressed to impress and communicated well that day. Lesson learned; as much as possible, we must always be on our A Game, while in public. You never know who you will meet, or how something you say, might become news. So mind what you say, and always dress business casual or better.