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Many Ways To Get More Money – JLD

I mentioned money almost two dozen times in my business and professional growth book, but it is hardly because I am affixed on it. There exists a medium of exchange for goods and services within our economy and without it, we would not be able to get things we do not make ourselves. But how do we get more money? Well an honest day’s work is one good place to start, wherein you provide a good or service, and are compensated for it. From there you can work overtime, or pick up additional jobs but in The Church and The Community, Page 39, I detailed an unconventional way to get money… cashing in on negative attention. A student at my middle school was bullied for having a disorder along the autism or Asperger’s spectrum, which manifested in his desire to collect coins that students threw at him. Those coins however, added up, and he gladly picked them up. Would you be willing to do the same?

Ready To Be Held Accountable – JLD

Have you ever noticed how some people want to hold everyone else accountable, but when it comes to their own life, they act like they answer to no one? These people also tend to be experts in crafting excuses for the things they fall short on, as if their shortcomings and mistakes are okay, but ultimately this makes them hypocrites, at best. In The Church and The Community, Page 130, there was a brief mention of a guy who told everyone about his past mistakes, because he wanted to reconcile with those he hurt, and he wanted people to help hold him accountable. Are you strong enough to share your life with others, the good and the bad, so that people can help hold you accountable? Do your leaders have mentors or peers they answer to, to ensure they stay on the straight and narrow? What about your elected officials; what do you do so they remain responsible? It’s time to hold folks accountable.

Preferring Unity Over Division – JLD

To be certain, we live in a world where many people prefer division over unity, and severing of relationships before honest attempts are made to reconcile. You might be able to name couples that talked about getting a divorce but did those same couples ever talk about scheduling mediation, or going to a marriage counselor? What about that employee at work who is clearly unable to perform the functions of their job? Good leaders would make every attempt to understand why the worker keeps failing, and help prepare them for success if possible. Bad leaders think the solution to underperformance is terminating employees, or forcing them to resign. Churches and Pastors should be no different in sincerely wanting every member who departs, to return in love, and in The Church and The Community, Page 132, I detailed how good it made me feel, when a member family that left, came back.

When They Become A Liability – JLD

We all had that employee or relationship that we contemplated terminating. For some, it might still be a difficult decision or conversation, but after the worker has violated the handbook multiple times, or the friend continues to not respect your boundaries, you have to let them go. In The Church and The Community, Page 163 I talked about people I let go due to federal compliance, but what about local law enforcement officers who cross the morality line? The Austin American Statesman recently published an article about Commander Deaton of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, who stages, photographs, then posts images of date rape, murder, and other explicit acts. To be certain, we do not have all the facts, and Mr. Deaton might be the victim of internal struggles, but at what point might we need to accept someone is a liability to the organization, and needs to fired? To be continued…

Don’t Give Up The Ship – JLD

It is an absolute tragedy when someone other than the founder or president of an organization, thinks it is their duty to change how things are run, or worse, stage a take over. It happened to me in The Church and The Community, Page 26, where the guy I trusted to bring on as a director, broke me down to the point I offered to let him assume control of the non-profit I founded. Thankfully my other director did not agree with the usurper, nor did the mediator, so I maintained control. Some of my peers have not been so lucky though, and after being broken down emotionally for months on end, they resigned from the companies they started. The worst is when they subsequently watch their visions end, the organization go in a new direction, and that new direction effecting the company’s demise. This is why if you found or lead an organization, you should don’t give up the ship. Stay strong. Be encouraged.

Lying Has Become The New Normal – JLD

Granted, we should expect a playful amount of dishonesty and subterfuge on April Fool’s Day, we must also admit that the spreading of false narratives, is at an all time high. Once upon a time a man’s word was his bond, and if you said you would be somewhere at a certain time, come hell or high water you would be there. Now and days tardiness is commonplace, and we have a whole litany of reasons (excuses) why the truth cannot, should not, and will not be shared. Lying to ourselves and other people, has become the new normal and in The Church and The Community, Page 207, I described how lying caught up to someone, as it always does. Sooner or later you will forget your lie, or someone might fact check what you told them. The worst is when you have lied so long, you believe it… try being 100% honest about everything, for a day, then a week, then a month. It’s worth it, honestly.

How To Leave Without Damage – JLD.

Whether the employer requires you to undergo an exit interview, your significant others wants to know why, or that friend demands a reason, the importance of how you act on the way out, matters deeply. A new trend amongst younger workers is to “ghost” on their employers, where instead of providing a two week notice, they just mysteriously stop showing up to work. Do that enough times and no wonder why their resume will looks like a horror movie… not to mention, after potential employers contact previous ones, they may ghost in the interview process. In The Church and The Community, Page 178, I talked about an exit interview I had with a member of my church, and how it showed me the member’s true colors. If you want to be successful in your life, career, and relationships, be honest and professional when leaving any commitment, job, or person. Your past exits, affect future entrances.

Before Going Out, Dress Your Best – JLD

The truth is, every time you leave the privacy of your home or apartment, you enter into a public spotlight that shines brightly, and takes meticulous notes, on everything you do and say. While out at the grocery store, do you want to become known as the business leader who did not take the time to put on a matching shirt and pants? Or even in a casual setting, such as a trip to the park, is it okay to have you hair unkempt and wardrobe a mess? In The Church and The Community, Page 88, I shared the true story of how meeting the friend of an editor who previously would not share my side of a contentious subject, changed my life. Thankfully I dressed to impress and communicated well that day. Lesson learned; as much as possible, we must always be on our A Game, while in public. You never know who you will meet, or how something you say, might become news. So mind what you say, and always dress business casual or better.

Consumed With Righteous Anger – JLD

We all know that person, and a few of us have been there; we perceive someone to have done something wrong and our new mission in life is to expose them. How dare this evil person continue living their life like they are not the piece of scum we see them to be? And God forbid they exist in society without people knowing the concerns we have against them! In The Church and The Community, Page 58, true story… there is a guy named Bill G., who was consumed with “righteous anger”. There was a falling out Bill had with his previous Pastor and Bill could not rest, or find peace until he saw the Pastor exposed. The Church and Leadership disagreed with Bill’s concerns, and begged Bill to move on with his life, but he never did. If you are similarly consumed with a righteous anger, deal with it by alerting authorities and following the process, but after that, move on. Do not let anger consume your life.

Lies And Misdeeds Cannot Hide Forever – JLD

If you are up to date on American politics and news, you might know that the walls are closing in on President Donald Trump, and his previous attorney Michael Cohen. Once upon a time Cohen said he would take a bullet for Trump, indicating a high level of loyalty, but what happens when the person you are trying to protect, purposefully and willfully walks into a line of fire? In this case, you might find yourself in the same situation that Cohen admitted to; making incorrect or dishonest statements, to be consistent with the person to which you are loyal. Cohen eventually plead guilty to lying, but it started with misguided loyalty. In The Church and The Community, Page 178, I wrote about a well meaning person who like Cohen, tried to protect a person they were loyal to. The end result was not good for either of them. Let us not do things that necessitate lying, and may we never be dishonest.

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