A. Chapters 10-11, Challenge

Chapters 10-11

Baby It’s Cold Outside; The Answer Is No – JLD

The iconic song by Frank Loesser, which won an academy award in 1949 and become a Christmas time classic, is now being banned for questionable lyrics. In the continued wake of the #MeToo movement, what was once considered a flirtatious, cat and mouse game that many a couple played, is now seen as highly offensive. Convincing is harassment, and pursuit is assault. Of course anything unwanted has always been, and should always be, illegal or wrong but in that light, every salesman would be a criminal for pushing past rejection. And in The Church and The Community, Page 183, I wrote about the other victims of #MeToo… those who are falsely accused by hyper sensitive or vindictive people. After deeply considering the lyrics of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, tell us your thoughts on radio stations banning that song. And do you have a #MeToo story or concern, to share? Awareness, discussion and education is paramount.

Does Your Life Have Significance – JLD

There are people who do not care what you think, and they are hardly concerned about the wellbeing of others. There are also those who crave being worthy of attention, and they work night and day to show you that they are important. The word here is significance, and some people confuse this with narcissism… the former is becoming important because of what you do for others, and the later, what you do for yourself, or maybe even did not do at all but claim you did. A word closely connected with significance is sacrifice; are you willing to set aside your own desires, needs, or even safety, for other people? Most Veterans and First Responders understand this well, and in The Church and The Community, Page 185, athleticism was shown to provide the lives of these people with significance, even after they transition out of their service. What makes your life significant, and do you make sacrifices for others?

Where No Man Has Gone Before – JLD

Elder John Leland traveled over a hundred thousand miles to support politicians who championed religious freedom, and this was decades before the first automobile was manufactured. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr led peaceful marches in southern towns where Negro (African) Americans were being treated unjustly, and after being the youngest man ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. King donated the $50,000 prize money. And finally, Reverend Billy Graham preached the gospel message for over forty years, bringing thousands to believe in God’s Son. Very different missions and times, but one thing all these men had in common was being faith leaders who changed the world. In The Church and The Community, Page 217, I highlighted how most people avoid discussing race, religion, politics, or “contentious” topics. Faith leaders though, boldly go where most do not, or cannot. Encourage them.

Admitting Powerlessness and Getting Help – JLD

Whether the result of a an accident, mistake, or traumatic experience, pains from our past can persist into the present. It is not enjoyable dealing with mental struggles, nor is it easy to admit we alone our powerless against our demons. Plus it may take time, a lot of time, years even to work through it all, so what is the point? Despite being depressed and feeling hopeless, we, you, everyone, matters as a person. You are loved, and have the power to overcome. It took 8 years to confess my anxiety and depression; I am so thankful to those who pulled it out of me, and connected me with the resources I needed. I wrote about the importance of asking people about their struggles (The Church and The Community, Page 208), and supporting people like Candise (disabled navy veteran). Please, take this first step, today.