A. Chapters 0-1, Discovery

Chapters 0-1

Implications To Every Decision – JLD

Each decision in business, ministry, and life, presents an opportunity to effect success, or failure. These decisions are like intersections where you can choose the path that betters your situation, or makes it worse. Most people do not realize how many intersections they come to, every day. There are the large and obvious crossroads, such as choosing whom to marry or what career path is best, but what about the smaller and seemingly insignificant choices? Do you greet every stranger politely, and double check the air pressure in your spare tire daily? An inability to recognize and properly respond to all the opportunities we face, is a sure way to guarantee one’s life will not be successful. In The Church and The Community, Page 03, you will see how there are implications to EVERY decision in life. For your own sake, be certain you are comfortable living with the implication or outcomes, of each and every choice.

What Happened To Agree To Disagree? – JLD

Once upon a time, friends and family were allowed to see things differently. Mom could be a vegetarian and Dad a meat eater, but the children would not realize their parents had conflicting dietary preferences. Differences were hardly talked about. Then came empowerment; passions and secrets burst out of their closets. People began to share why they believe and act the way they do, which helped many people not feel alone. For a long time, it was okay to disagree. Now we live in an age where to be a vegetarian in a meat eating family is to turn your back on your upbringing, and disown your relatives. Why? We have become so selfish and self righteous, it is no longer okay to agree to disagree. In the preface of The Church and The Community, I prophesied that friends would disagree with how I journaled their intersections with my life, and would leave me for it. Sadness and loneliness aside, let us bring back the days of old! It’s okay to agree to disagree.

Discussing Religion in Secular Institutions – JLD

Perhaps you have been told we do not, cannot, discuss religion in the workplace, because of the separation of church and state. We are instructed to check our religion at the door, and not pray before meetings, especially in public or government places. I mean God forbid, someone at work find out you are Jewish or Christian, the same way they realize you have a mole on your cheek or a tattoo on your shoulder. The notion of having to hide any part of who you are, is both a lie, as it is unhealthy. Any person of true and passionate faith would not be able to hide their beliefs any more than a man of color can conceal the pigments of his skin. In The Church and The Community, Page 1, I discuss the importance of discovering all of who you are, then proudly wearing it. Do not allow anyone to trick you into believing your faith identity, is something in which you can not be visibly or audibly proud.

Taking Full Responsibility For Everything – JLD

Compliments of living in a broken world, filled with people who do not always have the best intentions, “stuff” happens. Victims of these atrocities rarely deserve to have been treated badly, but a slight change in perspective might help them re-claim power over their lives. Yes we can view things as accidents and ourselves the unfortunate recipients of adversity, but we can also take responsibility as if it were our fault, and ponder how can we prevent this from occurring again. Vehicle drivers who mentally take full responsibility for every accident, navigate the roads more defensively, and can avoid even non at fault collisions. Similarly, if you think hard enough and put the power to change the outcomes on yourself, you might surprise yourself with how smart and strategic you are; give it a try. You can do it.

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