B. Faith Leaders

Faith Leaders

Vote Today and Vote Wisely – JLD

As midterm elections are upon us in the United States, we are presented with various candidates who may, and may not, support our values. And depending on your religious beliefs, the decision might be further complicated by trying to decide which secular leader, secretly (or openly) aligns with your theology. One movement or party though, is gaining momentum again in the United States, yet their premise stands in opposition to the Bible. In The Church and The Community, Page 74, I talked about Socialism, and likened it to a situation where my siblings took property from myself that they felt they deserved. Forget capitalism, entrepreneurship, hard work, or even reaping what you sow… just take from the people who have more, to give to people who have less. Socialism. Now ask yourself if the candidates you support, support the idea of socialism. Thoughts to consider, as you vote.

Most Judgmental, Least Forgiving – JLD

Most people respond to being angry or upset in a healthy, reasonable manner. When you accidentally broke the item your friend let you borrow, they got over it in a few days, and were content with the replacement you purchased. Your business colleague from whom you “stole” an account or client, got over it quickly, after a few drinks at the company party. Juxtapose this with the time you offended your sibling’s spouse, or upset someone in your church, and you have the story I wrote about in The Church and The Community, Page 54. Unlike how a friend or co-worker deals with offense, the Bible admits how a religious person upset is more unyielding than a strong city, and their quarreling is like the bars of a castle. One’s own family members often stay upset equally long, for similar reasons. It is time though to be less judgmental and more forgiving, especially for family, and fellow believers.

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Talk To Young Adults About Sex – JLD

Adulthood legally begins as early as 15, but can be recognized as late as 21 years of age. In most of the world though, 18 is the average age wherein someone is legally considered an adult. Often, mentors and parents are comfortable talking with young adults about driving vehicles, purchasing alcohol, using weapons and voting, but few are willing to talk to young adults about sex. If a boy or girl is old enough to copulate, they are more than old enough to talk about it! Despite the awkwardness or difficulties, in order to ensure our future generations are making wise choices, we needto prepare them for the implications and realities of being sexually active. In The Church and The Community, Page 113, I said not to believe singles or young adults, when they assert they are abstinent. Many of us were similarly dishonest, with ourselves, and learned life the hard way. It’s time to talk about sex.

Where No Man Has Gone Before – JLD

Elder John Leland traveled over a hundred thousand miles to support politicians who championed religious freedom, and this was decades before the first automobile was manufactured. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr led peaceful marches in southern towns where Negro (African) Americans were being treated unjustly, and after being the youngest man ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. King donated the $50,000 prize money. And finally, Reverend Billy Graham preached the gospel message for over forty years, bringing thousands to believe in God’s Son. Very different missions and times, but one thing all these men had in common was being faith leaders who changed the world. In The Church and The Community, Page 217, I highlighted how most people avoid discussing race, religion, politics, or “contentious” topics. Faith leaders though, boldly go where most do not, or cannot. Encourage them.