B. Fundamentalists


Implications of Restoring How It Used To Be – JLD

I wish things would go back to the way they used to be… really? You want to give up running water and modern medicine? It’s time to make America great again… when were we ever great? During the period women when had no vote, or are you referring to the time blacks were enslaved? The problem with nostalgia is a failure to recognize the mistakes of the past, and realize the advances of the present make today our best moment. Yes, there is something in yesterday we might want; it comes with baggage we cannot afford. The best way to thrive in the present, and future, is to burn our ships Viking style, and discard our past, because “if going back is an option, you will retreat when the going gets tough”. This is a direct quote from The Church and The Community, Page 64, where I talked about how to succeed in the present, and beyond. Will you, or will you die in the past?

Cult Dynamics And The Complicity of Silence – JLD

The moment you discover a good friend has committed an injustice, you figuratively stand at a crossroads. This is synonymous to the instance wherein you realize a previously good affiliation or organization to which you belong, no longer operates honorably. Having invested a lot of time, resources, or emotion into the path you are on does not motivate you in selecting another, but at some point, silence and association is complicity. What do you want to be known for, or associated with… will you be strong enough to disavow what is wrong? Most people would rather not change their habits, rock the boat, lose good friends, or go against the grain. Most would be like those in Nazi Germany who just “went along with it”. In The Church and The Community, Page 158, I discuss the importance leaving cults and immoral establishments. I also teach how you to do it. Do not be silent. Act. Now.