Although National Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) is behind us, we should not stop working to end the stalking, neglect, harassment, cyber-bullying, and assaults that happen to 1 in 7 children, in the United States. And some of the perpetrators misdeeds can be quite disturbing… imagine a stranger posting unauthorized pictures of your children on his social media websites, in a manner intended to cause (and does in fact cause) severe mental anguish and distress upon your family. So what can we do to stop our young and innocent from being preyed upon? (1) Consider proactive ways to keep your children safe, such as limiting their internet access when they are alone. (2) If you see something amiss, do not hesitate to alert the authorities. (3) Consider reading The Church and The Community, Page 03, where the author painstakingly details trauma he experienced as a child, and never forgot. And another resource, especially helpful in helping child sexual abuse victims is