We all know that person, and a few of us have been there; we perceive someone to have done something wrong and our new mission in life is to expose them. How dare this evil person continue living their life like they are not the piece of scum we see them to be? And God forbid they exist in society without people knowing the concerns we have against them! In The Church and The Community, Page 58, true story… there is a guy named Bill G., who was consumed with “righteous anger”. There was a falling out Bill had with his previous Pastor and Bill could not rest, or find peace until he saw the Pastor exposed. The Church and Leadership disagreed with Bill’s concerns, and begged Bill to move on with his life, but he never did. If you are similarly consumed with a righteous anger, deal with it by alerting authorities and following the process, but after that, move on. Do not let anger consume your life.