Lorraine Brady, Editor of The Williamson County Sun, wrote about someone who recently confronted her brutally. She went on to say that the experience left her “feeling shaken, intimidated, and bullied” but the craziest detail is her alleged bully being none other than the town Mayor. Now there is always two sides to every story. Maybe Lorraine is misrepresenting her encounter with the man who governs our city, but I feel her pain, and in The Church and The Community, Page 121, I wrote about my experiences with some bullies. I was in medical school and whenever my laptop was not locked to the desk, they hid it from me. When I ran for class office, graffiti was placed on my campaign posters. And there was no chance in the world anyone would agree to letting me in their study group… doing so would be telling the bullies “make sure to brutally confront us too”. Have you dealt with bullies?