Perhaps you have been told we do not, cannot, discuss religion in the workplace, because of the separation of church and state. We are instructed to check our religion at the door, and not pray before meetings, especially in public or government places. I mean God forbid, someone at work find out you are Jewish or Christian, the same way they realize you have a mole on your cheek or a tattoo on your shoulder. The notion of having to hide any part of who you are, is both a lie, as it is unhealthy. Any person of true and passionate faith would not be able to hide their beliefs any more than a man of color can conceal the pigments of his skin. In The Church and The Community, Page 1, I discuss the importance of discovering all of who you are, then proudly wearing it. Do not allow anyone to trick you into believing your faith identity, is something in which you can not be visibly or audibly proud.