It is as simple as flying a kite, and I experienced the joy of this therapeutic activity, while on a retreat with the Wounded Warrior Project. The thing is, some people take biblical, personal, and often truthful things, then weaponize them against us, in deeply hurtful ways. Granted, we occasionally do it to ourselves, the fact remains… you might not be able to eliminate harmful people or thoughts from your life, but you can place them at a safe distance. Today, we wrote these things on the tails of a kite and sent them 300 feet into the air. It was liberating to say the least, seeing those names and words at a distance that could no longer hurt us, and we controlled it all with a nylon string. In The Church and The Community, Page 151, I wrote about distance from toxicity. Now, I implore you to take to heart this lesson and activity, or, simply tell that toxic person to go fly a kite. Boom.