It is an absolute tragedy when someone other than the founder or president of an organization, thinks it is their duty to change how things are run, or worse, stage a take over. It happened to me in The Church and The Community, Page 26, where the guy I trusted to bring on as a director, broke me down to the point I offered to let him assume control of the non-profit I founded. Thankfully my other director did not agree with the usurper, nor did the mediator, so I maintained control. Some of my peers have not been so lucky though, and after being broken down emotionally for months on end, they resigned from the companies they started. The worst is when they subsequently watch their visions end, the organization go in a new direction, and that new direction effecting the company’s demise. This is why if you found or lead an organization, you should don’t give up the ship. Stay strong. Be encouraged.