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The big question… how much does consultation or religious advisor programs cost?

Less than you might think. Although top notch MBA graduates can demand high salaries, our partnerships have enabled us to bring you their skills at averages around $126 per hour… and it is amazing what they can solve in just 60 minutes. Sometimes the project calls for a few hours of work and other times you might need them for a few days. You might need one consultant or you might need a team, but we will work within your budget to bring you cost effective solutions, for your situations. Let us sit down with you, to map this out. And for religious advisor programs, our averages are around $26 per employee, per month. We offer a quality and value that is unmatched, on top of an ability to work around your organization’s unique needs and prove a quantifiable return on investment. Our advisors are also available outside of working hours and many officiate around life events (marriage, death, birth) at no additional cost. So let us know what your concerns are and let us help you walk through the path on how to solve them.

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