At RLB Echad LLC, we spend most of our time reaching our clients via personal channels and through tangible methods… like in person meetings. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss our programs, just let us know when and where. And secondary to in person meetings, we do a lot of speaking engagements with local religious congregations and we post many resources online (both on the RLB Website and Social Media Outlets). We do occasionally engage in direct advertising or marketing via social media sites such as LinkedIn, but we value the personal interactions and word of mouth so much more. Then as we look towards maintaining those personal relationships, we leverage weekly interactions (phone calls), technology enhanced touch points (video chat, text message) and occasionally social media connections (Does your EAP say hello to you on Facebook?). In the end, it is all about being there for people as a friend would be, listening with a non judgmental ear and offering support where needed.