What makes RLB unique is their balanced, integrated and streamlined approach, which provides an unmatched quality and tangible value. An example is where our non-profit competitors offer chaplain services in isolation, RLB leverages religious advisors to solve workplace issues, while also ensuring their client is receiving a quantifiable increase to their business. And the advisor is just one of methods that RLB leverages to improve operations. RLB is also positioned to integrate business consultation and project management services back into non-profits, through partnerships with client organizations and graduate business schools. And of course with leadership development, RLB combines personal life stability models from non-profits, with corporate growth diagrams from for-profits, to coach leaders on becoming truly balanced in their careers. Lastly, RLB is more streamlined in operation, has a significantly lower corporate overhead and boasts a more innovative culture, than their competitors… which positions RLB to more effectively reach a larger audience.