RLB Echad LLC has learned that people and organizations are multidimensional, so they need to be cared for in complex ways. Some structures however are simply unable to provide the level of care offered by RLB, and these firms have reported 20-60% productivity gaps, and upwards of 100% in project failure rates. RLB has discovered that when religious or personal models are combined with proven tactics from business, such as those used in the chaplain model, most metrics can improve by 20% within a few months.  Mark Oppenheimer (Businessweek 2012) has taken note to this reality in “The Rise of the Corporate Chaplain,” where he quotes a growing 1000 companies in the US and Canada where religious advisors can be found. And even if 20% of the workforce uses a religious advisor program to improve their absenteeism, engagement, innovation, productivity or turnover rates by just 20%, with the average cost of these programs, that would equate to roughly a 500% return on investment for the customer.