Most all non-profit organizations face tough business decisions at some point in their life, such as those encountered while undertaking building renovations or changing the staffing structure. Unfortunately for them, many of those non-profits do not have budgets large enough to support full time project managers or business school graduates, to help them navigate those difficult decisions.

Concurrently, most all for-profit organizations struggle with managing the personal difficulties their employee face, such as those issues that arise from life events or major organizational change. And unfortunately for them, many of these for-profits do not have the structure or legal ability to staff employee assistance counselors or wellness advisors, to help employees with those personal issues.

And lastly, most all leadership programs fall short at providing balanced or whole person development, which is something all leaders need during major life events and for overall managerial growth. Sadly, these leaders are left to make sacrifices in their personal life for the betterment of their career, or lose out on important career milestones in order to handle (ignored) issues at home.