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Do you have a question about Religion, Leadership and Business or want to know more about RLB Echad? Feel free to send us an email or utilize our contact page, to tell us your thoughts. Chances are, someone else has the same question you do and we would love to provide our insight on this page. May the Lord bless you, and keep you, and give you His peace.

The big question… how much does consultation or religious advisor programs cost?2016-12-01T15:25:12-06:00

Less than you might think. Although top notch MBA graduates can demand high salaries, our partnerships have enabled us to bring you their skills at averages around $126 per hour… and it is amazing what they can solve in just 60 minutes. Sometimes the project calls for a few hours of work and other times you might need them for a few days. You might need one consultant or you might need a team, but we will work within your budget to bring you cost effective solutions, for your situations. Let us sit down with you, to map this out. And for religious advisor programs, our averages are around $26 per employee, per month. We offer a quality and value that is unmatched, on top of an ability to work around your organization’s unique needs and prove a quantifiable return on investment. Our advisors are also available outside of working hours and many officiate around life events (marriage, death, birth) at no additional cost. So let us know what your concerns are and let us help you walk through the path on how to solve them.

Through what channels do you reach people and how do you maintain relationships?2016-12-01T15:23:16-06:00

At RLB Echad LLC, we spend most of our time reaching our clients via personal channels and through tangible methods… like in person meetings. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss our programs, just let us know when and where. And secondary to in person meetings, we do a lot of speaking engagements with local religious congregations and we post many resources online (both on the RLB Website and Social Media Outlets). We do occasionally engage in direct advertising or marketing via social media sites such as LinkedIn, but we value the personal interactions and word of mouth so much more. Then as we look towards maintaining those personal relationships, we leverage weekly interactions (phone calls), technology enhanced touch points (video chat, text message) and occasionally social media connections (Does your EAP say hello to you on Facebook?). In the end, it is all about being there for people as a friend would be, listening with a non judgmental ear and offering support where needed.

What is the value in religious, ethical or sustainable based business models?2016-12-01T15:22:44-06:00

RLB Echad LLC has learned that people and organizations are multidimensional, so they need to be cared for in complex ways. Some structures however are simply unable to provide the level of care offered by RLB, and these firms have reported 20-60% productivity gaps, and upwards of 100% in project failure rates. RLB has discovered that when religious or personal models are combined with proven tactics from business, such as those used in the chaplain model, most metrics can improve by 20% within a few months.  Mark Oppenheimer (Businessweek 2012) has taken note to this reality in “The Rise of the Corporate Chaplain,” where he quotes a growing 1000 companies in the US and Canada where religious advisors can be found. And even if 20% of the workforce uses a religious advisor program to improve their absenteeism, engagement, innovation, productivity or turnover rates by just 20%, with the average cost of these programs, that would equate to roughly a 500% return on investment for the customer.

What is the competitive edge or uniqueness for RLB?2016-12-01T15:22:10-06:00

What makes RLB unique is their balanced, integrated and streamlined approach, which provides an unmatched quality and tangible value. An example is where our non-profit competitors offer chaplain services in isolation, RLB leverages religious advisors to solve workplace issues, while also ensuring their client is receiving a quantifiable increase to their business. And the advisor is just one of methods that RLB leverages to improve operations. RLB is also positioned to integrate business consultation and project management services back into non-profits, through partnerships with client organizations and graduate business schools. And of course with leadership development, RLB combines personal life stability models from non-profits, with corporate growth diagrams from for-profits, to coach leaders on becoming truly balanced in their careers. Lastly, RLB is more streamlined in operation, has a significantly lower corporate overhead and boasts a more innovative culture, than their competitors… which positions RLB to more effectively reach a larger audience.

What problem(s) does RLB exist to solve?2016-12-01T15:21:43-06:00

Most all non-profit organizations face tough business decisions at some point in their life, such as those encountered while undertaking building renovations or changing the staffing structure. Unfortunately for them, many of those non-profits do not have budgets large enough to support full time project managers or business school graduates, to help them navigate those difficult decisions.

Concurrently, most all for-profit organizations struggle with managing the personal difficulties their employee face, such as those issues that arise from life events or major organizational change. And unfortunately for them, many of these for-profits do not have the structure or legal ability to staff employee assistance counselors or wellness advisors, to help employees with those personal issues.

And lastly, most all leadership programs fall short at providing balanced or whole person development, which is something all leaders need during major life events and for overall managerial growth. Sadly, these leaders are left to make sacrifices in their personal life for the betterment of their career, or lose out on important career milestones in order to handle (ignored) issues at home.

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