With our last post being over two months ago, we did not want you worried we fell off flat earth or were abducted by aliens. Rather we have been doing some deep reflection and wanted to go into 2020 with more relevant entries to our weekly blog. This week, we want to share the life lesson with you to “fully commit to the future and discard the past. If going back is an option, you will retreat when the going gets tough.” In The Church and The Community, Page 64, I spoke about switching from roller skates to roller blades, and discarding my skates before taking my first trip on the new blades. It was a risky endeavor, which became scary when obstacles, like not knowing how to brake, presented themselves. But without the option of quitting and going back to skates, I was fully motivated to push through on my blades. What new things do you want to do in 2020, and what will you discard, to commit to it?