Not everyone has a meager start to their life, or a time when they were severely lacking in resources, but they should. Granted, poverty is not inherently enjoyable, it is rich in ability to give people perspective. When you do not know where your next meal will come from, you learn to appreciate the food that is before you. If you are not able to afford basic needs, when you finally enter a season of financial wealth, you never forget the importance of budgeting and not wasting anything. Some of the most affluent people I know, are ever searching for deals and coupons, despite them hardly needing the discount. As for myself, in The Church and The Community, Page 2, I talked about growing up on a small farm, and it was not necessarily because my family loved plants and animals. We were poor growing up and I had a humble beginning, but looking back, I see that as a rich way to raise a child.