As April is Stress Awareness Month, and ironically this is also the timeframe we are dealing with this virus thing, let us talk briefly about something we all experience. Stress. That feeling of emotional or physical “tension” can help you avoid danger or get things done faster, but long term stress can wreak havoc on your mind and body. In The Church and The Community, Page 125, I mentioned how I enjoy releasing stress on the dance floor, but during these troubling times, I will largely be dancing alone. But what about you… how do you alleviate your stress? While some people kind of enjoy this period of isolation, others may  experience traumatic, mental health struggles that need to be addressed. Please be proactive if you find yourself stressed… turn on some music, get a little exercise, and call a hotline if you feel your stress is unbearable. Be strong. Stay safe. And don’t stress too much.