When “Bob’, wearing a “Black *Lies* Matter” shirt, cheered “hooray” at the mention of white supremacy, assaulted a black videographer, berated a woman at the top of his lungs, then continued to DEMAND that everyone “define white supremacy”… I was filled with appreciation. Thank you Sir for answering your own question, in a neatly packed four minute video, right next to our confederate monument. The City of Georgetown and Williamson County will be known by your proud efforts, unless they (and others) publicly denounce your horrific behaviors. In The Church and The Community, Page 166, myself and another minister prophesied (back in September of 2017) that *this* was how this would end, if we did not turn to God immediately and repent. Maybe we were off by four years… being a man of God, I will not say I told you so, though, I might think it. Again, thank you.