My first physical altercation happened at my elementary school, one weekend while my siblings and I were playing. Some boys said I was looking at them a certain way and although I only got pushed a few times, then slapped, getting “beat up” was a huge blow to my self-confidence. My father made it worse by scolding me for not fighting back, but I was outnumbered and did not want my younger siblings to get injured or implicated. Years later, I matured into a young man who did not back down from fights, and in The Church and The Community, Page 52, I talked about a student named Phillip who shoved me to the ground during Physical Education (PE). I got up quickly, took Phillip to the ground, then raised my fist to smash his face in… what is the best way to deal with bullies? At what point in a physical altercation are your actions no longer “self-defense”? Did I punch Phillip that day?