The cyclists began dropping like flies, due to the extra miles, in 90 degree weather, which felt like over 100 degrees! The high humidity added to our discomfort, and it made matters worse. Several of the more seasoned riders knew how to stay hydrated and keep their electrolytes up, but eventually, everyone reaches their limit. In The Church and The Community, Page 83, I wrote about the training I did back in high school, which even years later, had a profound effect on how long I can avoid quitting. Not everyone pushes themselves to these levels though, which is unfortunate, because in doing so you realize your body is often able to endure much more than your mind says it can. Yes, it may hurt and you might feel like you can not go on, but with proper training, and the right amount of resilience, you would be surprised of your capabilities. Let today be the start of something new; endurance.