Motivational Speaking – Inspirational Keynote Addresses

Depression is the leading cause of disability, but what can your organization do to increase happiness or better yet, resilience? Even if, we live in a world that is increasingly critical, of everything; how does one focus on the positives, when we are not given many from which to chose? And people talk about finding that inner strength to persevere, and overcome, yet they rarely tell you how to find it. Is self inspiration possible?

Finding the desire to rise above adverse circumstance(s), let alone influence others to do so, is not a simple endeavor; let us connect you with speakers who can motivate any audience, and deliver life changing keynote addresses. While some orators entertain, and others humor, we engage in a fun way while powerfully delivering on our ability to ignite fires inside of people’s soul.

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  • Scheduling a speaker for a three or more day conference (numerous break-out sessions and one to ones) averages $1,000 per full day, and the quotes are independent of audience size.
  • During a multi-day engagement, there are no extra charges for travel days, other than a speaking fee. If on a travel day there is an arrival day evening session, or departure day morning session, an additional $350 per session may be assessed.
  • Two day engagements average $1,250 per day, with the same fee arrangement for speaking on travel days. Lastly, one day event are… you guessed it; around $1,500.
  • All RLB Echad speakers are Insured and Covered under General Business and Professional Services Liability Agreements. Online invoicing and willingness to answer questions even post conference, are included.

Religious (Spiritual) Advising

Religious AdvisingHow do you gain insight into the personal life or stability level of an applicant, when there are so many questions you can not legally ask? Or how about your current employees; has the overall wellness of someone begun to change? Are employee disagreements beginning to affect their customer service or decrease your competitive advantage? Is there an opportunity to improve the ethics in your organization or the relationship between managers and non-managers?

Personal matters are difficult to address at the company level, so consider allowing our advisors the opportunity to give your applicants and employees the care they deserve. And to track your return on investment, you will receive a monthly report charting hours worked and advisor interactions, to its effect on a profit metric, a planet metric and a people metric.

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  • From rates around $26 per employee, per month, we average 23% improvement in labor metrics*
  • Example: RLB Echad (Pre)Marital Counseling improves productivity, by decreasing divorce related stress.
  • Insured and Covered under General Business and Professional Services Liability Agreements.
  • From Online Invoicing to a 24hr Advisor Call Center for employees and family, RLB is there for you.
  • Decreasing absenteeism, increasing morale, engaging employees, navigating life events and more…

Leadership Coaching

Leadership CoachingHave problems in the personal life of a manager, kept them from advancing at a respectable pace? Was there an incident that occurred, which questioned the morals of a leader or brought ethical dilemmas to the firm? Is there a new member on the executive team that just does not seem to fit in well with the others? Are your officers encouraging a healthy and sustainable work life balance? Do your executives know how to promote corporate social responsibility?

Great leaders are hard to find and even harder to keep, so consider allowing our mentors the opportunity to do what they do best; bring out the best in people and develop leaders. We build our coaching sessions, executive retreats and mentorship programs to fit your organization’s culture. And we surround everything we do with ethical, religious based principles.

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  • From rates around $126 per individual coaching hour, we average 42% improvement in work life balance*
  • Example: RLB Echad Work Life Balance Coaching increases “you time”, by building a schedule based on priorities.
  • Insured and Covered under General Business and Professional Services Liability Agreements.
  • From online invoicing to customized programs, we help you grow comfortably and successfully.
  • Decreasing turnover amongst managers, improving work life balance, integrating faith and more…

Business Consulting

Business ConsultingAs a not for profit entity, no one expects you to function like a Fortune 500 business but is there a way to access the same business expertise? Or how about in the Church… good preaching can overcome deficiencies in the service production right? What type of financial targets or revenue goals should we set? We have the funds to renovate our current facility or consider relocating to a new location, but which is the smarter choice for us?

Work in a not for profit organization can be stressful, especially when there are so many business decisions that also need to be made. So consider allowing our experts the opportunity to work with you on these various business matters. We partner you with consultants that share your dreams, contractors who mirror your values and project managers to oversee bringing it all to pass.

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  • From rates around $126 per consultant, per hour, we average 39% improvement in business performance.*
  • Example: RLB Echad Business Consultation solves project concerns, by connecting you with faith minded experts.
  • Insured and Covered under General Business and Professional Services Liability Agreements.
  • From online invoicing to studying the unique needs of our clients, your success becomes our mission.
  • No question too small, no project too large; we provide handpicked consultants for your every need.

*Improvement numbers are reported averages, not guaranteed promises. Individual results may vary. 

Religion Testimonials

“There are many ways that a company can measure the success of implementing the religious advisor model, such as sick days and improved productivity, but the one I feel is most beneficial to the company is innovation. Having employees who are comfortable with their life outside of work and are supportive of the company, can be more innovative… The advisor (also) offers companies a way to improve the employee satisfaction score with a lower cost than say offering additional time off or a better benefits package.”

Leadership Testimonials

“I pray for more people of God to bring His word into business leadership. I am proud of our dear brother, Pastor Jonathan L. Dade, whom I know trusts Him with all his heart. I thank you Father for the desire You placed in Jonathan… to bring the truth of the intimate relationship of knowing You, into the hearts of business owners and leaders… based on the unshakable principles of Your Word.”

Business Testimonials

“As the Director in charge of assigning officials, collecting participant dues, distributing payroll and managing ticket sales, when our league grew to over sixteen teams across two locations, I knew I needed professional business consultation. How was I going to make sure everyone in my league was fairly compensated, while keeping our operation profitable? And within one hour of analysis, RLB was able to solve my problem by helping me set an honest profit margin, which stabilized our earnings potential and  positioned us for growth. We even discussed a staffing model I could adopt, which would enable us for expansion and still keep our league affordable, to the teams we help prepare for upcoming seasons.”

“When I worked as a Cash Cage Cashier… I wished I had someone like a religious advisor to help me through my career. Had there been an uplifting presence, a person who knows there is a higher power, I am sure that I would have went to that person time and again to get answers about why I (was) working there. A lot of my stresses about life would have most likely subsided and I probably would have been a more productive employee.”

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