An Olympic cycling medalist, Kelly Catlin, committed suicide in her dorm at Stanford University. Freeda George Foreman, the daughter of former heavyweight champion George Foreman, recently died by suicide. And a Forbes Top Ten influencer, Justin Beiber, is asking his fans to pray for his depression. There is no amount of success or fame that can shield someone from the thoughts that lead them to a fatal decision, and some might argue that the spotlight exasperates the issue(s). The key issue is doing what I did in The Church and The Community, Page 193… telling loved ones you are struggling. If you do not think you have anyone to talk to, please contact RLB Echad and we will connect you with Jonathan Dade. No one is ever alone and especially those of faith should know that a higher power is always present. Please stay in this broken world with us. We have a job to do.