Are you exhausted from all this talk about people being treated a certain way, *only* because of the color of their skin? Like when Z’Kye Husain (black, 14 years old) briefly fought a white teen in a mall but only Z’kye was pinned to the ground and handcuffed. Or what about the black Olympic Athlete (Sha’Carri Richardson) who was banned from competing, due to marijuana use but white Kamila Valieva who also failed a drug test was able to compete?. The “best” part was the court stating they needed to protect Kamila, and not harm her reputation, to include overlooking the fact she lied about her drug usage. So yeah… this black author is tired of talking about people being treated a certain way, only because of their skin color. It is time we do something about systematic racism, and the wrongs I documented in The Church and The Community, Page 87. It is time to act, and stop talking