Funerals can be difficult for the family, attendees, and also the officiant. As I wrote about in The Church and The Community, Page 214, sometimes the wishes of the family might not be in keeping with the deceased, so it is important to draft a will. There is also the attendees, who have their ideas of how to honor (or grieve) the deceased but who’s desires do they represent? And finally there is the minister who was asked to officiate the service… we do the best we can, but it can be difficult to speak about the life of someone we did not know. This was the case for Rabbi Jonathan, who officiated the funeral service for an unaccompanied veteran, and thanks to calls for support from the media, there was hundreds of people in attendance. So while death might not be the most enjoyable of topics, we invite you to consider your funeral, draft a will, and know that loving people want to honor your wishes, if you ask them to beforehand.