About two decades ago, I took a debate class in high school. We learned how to research topics or resolutions for which some of us would argue in the affirmative, and the others in the negative. The instructor taught us to also develop a strategy, find ways to refute the opposing side, and speak eloquently to the audience (and judges). Debate was an art, a process, and a subject that required in-depth study, but now “debating” is no longer academic in style. No need to articulately and systematically refute the opposing viewpoints when you can simply talk louder than your opponent, and “win”. And when someone writes something you do not agree with, your response in ALL CAPS lets them know who is boss. Or so some people think… In The Church and The Community, Page 86, I wrote about winning a debate against my teacher and principal, because I kept my cool and had a strategy. Do you?