Women’s History Month is upon us and yes, women’s Lives Matter! So let’s talk about Ginger C. Mann, who authored a chic little piece on why she voted for the “perfect republican”. Interestingly, that same guy was cancelled by his own party because of how he self identifies, and, what he drinks… read Mann’s article to learn more (viewer discretion is advised). You will learn that politics is not easy, and it is filled with trolling kerfuffles, but you need to care about whom is elected, because it will affect your life. In Georgetown Texas, elected officials ensured light and heat was provided to the downtown elite during a winter storm, while poor people froze. Then, millions of dollars in bonds (debt) magically appeared to fund the costs. This is why we need to trust Ginger’s intuition, support politicians who do what is right, and read what I talked about the power of women, in The Church and The Community, Page 88.